Wearable vibration therapy device

  • Vibration therapy device New vibration therapy device for relieving the pain caused by plantar fasciitis

The device which was designed for Myovolt Ltd. consists of two pieces: a vibration unit (that comes in two types, for small-medium and medium-large size feet) and a textile wrap to enclose the foot from back to the middle and with holes to insert the vibration units. The wrap would be adjusted onto the foot using a hook and loop (Velcro™) fastener at the back and front.

To use the product, the user has to follow these steps:

  • Insert the vibration unit inside the slot prepared on the side of the wrap without the Myovolt logo badge (right or left side, depending on the foot affected by plantar fasciitis).
  • Place the wrap (with vibration unit inserted inside) under the foot, so the flat surface of the vibration unit is facing towards the foot sole.
  • Fix the Velcro at the back of the foot.
  • Fix the Velcro pieces at the front of the wrap and adjust them, so it is firmly yet comfortably encloses the foot.
  • Push the power button; then hold it for 3 seconds until the unit starts vibrating.
  • Pushing the power button quickly, the user can choose one of the three predefined programmes.